Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Compost of "No"

The life of a chronic Lymie is often a parade of the absurd. For instance...At the end of March, I quit my job. At the same time, I applied for more life insurance, particularly with the notion that I would be giving up the insurance provided by my now-former employer.  Of the things I've been worried about, whether I would actually get life insurance was not one. I mean, my health insurance company has trouble believing Lyme *exists*...surely I wouldn't be denied on that basis. Ha.

 I finally found an insurance company that takes Lyme seriously. No, don't celebrate. USAA has "postponed" a decision until my Lyme is "resolved." Seriously. "Because of potential complications." What does that mean? "We want you to be symptom free." Yeah, well, me too. I'd especially like my brain back (That old saw "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most"--not very funny anymore.). The layers of irony are astounding. My health insurance company doesn't think I'm sick. My life insurance company apparently thinks I might die. The common theme, of course, is that neither wants to take on the financial burden of me.  Because I have chronic Lyme, which the CDC says doesn't exist. Which shouldn't make me a financial burden. Right?

The politics of Lyme/tick-borne-disease/insect-borne-disease diagnosis and treatment are layers of quagmire, sandwiched with horse manure, sprinkled with a few bright stars. It ought to be fabulous compost, don't you think? And yet, so far, my garden is not sprouting roses. Briars, yes. And, when I have the energy for it, anger.

I was too flabbergasted to do more than splutter in disbelief at USAA. Yelling wasn't going to do any good anyway.  I'm lucky--I was able to convert my employer-provided policy, at exorbitant cost, but at least, should the Lyme, or a bus, take me out, my family has some coverage.  I think the "sorta denial" I received is an indication that chronic Lyme is gaining recognition. At least, that's the positive spin I choose to put on it.