Monday, September 26, 2011

Tidbits From Practitioner Byron White's 9/04 Interview

By Candice, SpiroChicks Contributer

On September 4th health practitioner Byron White, the creator of the increasingly popular Byron White Formulas, gave a live Q&A session as a guest on Blog Talk Radio. The interview was nothing short of phenomenal. Byron White's infinite wisdom and insight was remarkable, as well as his compassion for those suffering from Lyme Disease and chronic illness.

Byron White has been treating those with chronic illness for over 37 years. He specializes in a number of alternative and naturopathic means of treatment, but has also been involved in pivotal medical research. The research he has taken part in focuses primarily on finding natural means of restoring health. In the 1980's, he suffered with Late Stage Lyme Disease and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity himself, which lead him to his research that resulted in the development of 27 different herbal formulas. Some of these formulas, such as A-Bart, A-Bab, and A-L Complex,  have become the leading choice in alternative Lyme Disease treatment in the country.

What immediately struck me about Byron White was his refreshingly holistic view on chronic illness. Just as everything else in nature, he views the body as a layered system. With each detrimental layer that is peeled away, the body gains strength. He believes that eventually, the body will take over, and clear the remaining infection and toxicity itself. Every body is unique; not every Lyme patient requires a protocol focused on the eradication of the Lyme bacteria. Their surface layer may be heavy metals, fungus, parasites, or a virus. Once the first few layers are removed and the body begins to unwind and the infectious or toxic blockages are released, it may be able to take care of the rest itself. With both his knowledge and his faith in the strength of the human body, Byron White exudes hope. The following are tidbits of the wisdom that he shared.

Healing Chronic Illness 

-A healthy body is constantly dealing with pathogens. It isn't until one of these pathogens finds a weakness and overtakes the immune system, creating an imbalance, that we become ill. Treatment is therefore necessary in order to bring the body back to a strong state of balance.

-Our parasympathetic nervous system is our healing system. When an infection takes over in our body, our sympathetic nervous system responds and we are sent into "fight or flight" mode. We can't survive as human beings when we are constantly running, therefore it is necessary to balance the sympathetic, parasympathetic and autonomic nervous system so the body is capable of of balance and healing.

-When your sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive, it's as though you have your foot on the gas pedal while your parasympathetic nervous system is laying dormant. Eventually, your sympathetic nervous system begins to burn out. Therefore, overstimulating an already stimulated sympathetic nervous system with things like antibiotics, drugs, and immune boosting protocols is not advantageous. It's about balancing the body, not stimulating it.

-Many times, a patient has autoimmune or over-activity in one portion of the immune system, and suppression in the other. Therefore focusing on boosting the immune system could be detrimental, much like stimulating an already overstimulated sympathetic nervous system. When people think infection, they automatically think of "suppression". That isn't always the case.

-Conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are just labels for symptom sets. Every symptom has a cause. Yet, the same symptom in two individuals could have a different cause in each. Therefore, not all Chronic Fatigue patients have viruses, and not all Fibromyalgia patients have Lyme. These symptom sets are often neurological in nature, therefore they could be the result of a number of different causes that result in neurotoxicity such as mold poisoning, parasites, or even pesticide exposure.

-Autoimmune Diseases, like Lupus, are also labels. Lupus is a word that represents and autoimmune response that can be triggered by a number of things. All physiological responses have causes. The cause could be anything from a virus, bacteria, fungus, toxin exposure, heavy metal, or DNA related issue.

Bioresonance Testing

-Blood tests are most often an unreliable way of determining the cause of illness. They are typically falsely negative, and do not indicate what is priority for treatment in the body.

-You may test positive for a pathogen, but you may not be ready to treat it or it may not be on the surface layer in your body. The pathogen or toxin on the surface layer is the issue that the body requires addressing first. If it is left unaddressed, it could prevent the healing of the remaining layers. This is often the reason why one can chelate heavy metals for years but still have heavy metal toxicity; a different issue was on the surface layer. This is where bioresonance testing is useful. It can be used to reveal which pathogens may be causing symptoms (that blood tests often miss), and which issues are priority in treatment.

-Byron White uses bioresonance testing that is not machine based. He uses a combination of filters and kinesiology to specifically test for issues in the body. He is able to tests specific layers in the body, as specific as the DNA in the left eyeball, to see what is resonating in that particular layer of the body. He finds that the human machine, because of its sensitivity, is the most accurate form of testing. He has used it for years and has had much success. He now trains practitioners in the process.

Lyme Disease

-Treatment doesn't have to be a long and protracted process.

-Byron White treated a Lyme patient who also had cancer 40 years ago, and was given a drug for treatment. It was after cancer treatment that she went on to develop arthritis and a number of chronic symptoms. He discovered that the primary cause of her symptoms was the drug that remained in her system for over 40 years. He created a homeopathic to treat and detox the toxicity of the drug, and 3 weeks later she bounced back. Her symptoms were eliminated, even after suffering from these symptoms for decades.

-There are no blood tests for Lyme Disease to tell you whether or not you are "cured". Some pracitioners believe that you can never fully eradicate Lyme, and the best that you can do is get the patient to the point where their immune system can keep it in remission. Byron White disagrees; he believes that the body can fully eradicate Lyme. If this isn't possible in the patient, his second best scenario would be to push the Lyme into dormancy and strengthening the body enough to hold it there. But Byron White believes that Lyme isn't always as difficult to treat as many believe. Healing is possible.

-The focus of treatment shouldn't be about pounding away at an infection with different treatment modalities, but should be listening to the body and what it needs to heal. The body is designed to defend against and eradicate pathogens, therefore if strengthened and balanced, it is capable of dealing with chronic infections.

-You can have a pathogen, including Lyme Disease, that dies but stays in the tissue for years and the resulting toxicity causes symptoms.

-Generally speaking, "Post Lyme Syndrome" doesn't exist. Typically, if it isn't Lyme that's causing symptoms anymore, it is a different pathogen causing symptoms.

Bacteria, Mycoplasma, Viruses, Fungus, Parasites

-When Byron White did his original research as he traveled and tested across the United States, he found a number of pathogens that frequently came up in patients. One of them is not often talked about, Powasson Virus, which is a virus that is transmitted through a deer tick. It is often missed because it mimics Lyme Disease.

-Other common pathogens that most often show up in patients who are chronically ill include but are not limited to mycoplasma, mold, fungus, candida, nematodes, epstein barr virus, HHV-6, Coxsackie viruses, and Cytemegaloviruses. Each has the potential to cause symptoms and imbalance just as significant as Lyme.

-The good news is that each pathogen does not need to be addressed individually. You want to view treatment as a domino process. Address the issue on the surface layer and detox the body, and your system will achieve a little more stability and balance. With each layer addressed, your body gains strength and is eventually able to pick up speed and take care of remaining layers of infection and toxicity itself, much like instigating the tip of a line of dominoes.

-In the past, when our bodies had less environmental toxicity to deal with, people would contract an infection and they wouldn't even know it. They'd come in contact with something like babesia, and they would feel sick for a few days or a week while their body took care of it. Our bodies are designed to keep us well, so the goal and focus of treatment should not be to kill all pathogens but should be to strengthen the body so it can achieve protecting us once again. Our body is ultimately our best defense.

Environmental Toxicity 

-If we didn't have as much environmental toxicity, we wouldn't have as many problems with pathogens. Environmental toxicity weakens the body, therefore it is crucial that it be addressed in treatment.

-Byron White recently developed a new formula to treat radiation toxicity due to the effects on our bodies resulting from the crisis in Japan.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

-Chemical sensitivity rarely stands alone. There is always a cause, but it doesn't have to be Lyme. They could have heavy metal toxicity, or they could have Leaky Gut Syndrome (colon issues), or an exposure to a toxic chemical. 

-Lyme Disease (as well as other pathogens) can cause a significant increase in sensitivity to substances, including ones own hormones. One can become sensitive to phenols, which are found in hormones in our body but can also be found in pathogens like Candida. Typically when the pathogen is eradicated, the sensitivity improves.


-Often times, symptoms arise when we become too toxic while killing pathogens, not from the pathogens themselves.

  -Typically the development of G.I. symptoms during treatment are neurological in nature, caused by the enteric nervous system, and are therefore caused by neurotoxicity. Detoxing neurotoxins can improve a number of neurological symptoms such as nausea, disorientation, headaches, mood swings, etc.

-Detoxification depends on the particular patient. Required detoxification methods, just like treatment methods, are not the same in all patients. There are situations where you wouldn't want to do colonics, detox baths, or saunas. Often times internal detoxification formulas are most effective, formulas or homeopathics that encourage the organs like the liver, intestines and the kidneys to dump toxins. It's great to then follow up with supportive external forms of detoxification for the lymphatic system such as dry skin brushing and detox baths if tolerated.

Mold Toxicity 

-Mold's purpose in nature is to break things down and return it to the earth, so it has a tendency to work in a similar fashion inside of us.
-When treating a patient, look at their environment first. A patient can even do this themselves. You can purchase mold plates and set them out for 45 minutes, then close them and let them percolate for about a week. The development of more than 4 colonies of mold on the dish is problematic.

-If you have mold in your house, it is extremely difficult to get better.

-Once the environment is cleared, mold is almost always up in the patient's sinuses. This must be addressed. There are companies nebulizing antifungals for this purpose.

-You want to stop feeding the mold and fungus inside of your body by cutting out sugar and gluten from the diet and limiting carbohydrates.

-You typically want to use a binder to bind the mold toxins. There are prescription binders, such as cholestypure, but he never uses them as he has found that they cause problems in the liver and the gallbladder. There are natural means to bind and detox mycotoxins.

-Desensitizing the mold is often necessary as well once the body is detoxed to prevent reactivity. This can be done with a practitioner who is trained in homeopathy.

-Prevent mold growth in your environment by monitoring humidity. It should be between 35-40%. Fish tanks are a large source of humidity. A humidifier may be necessary. Also be aware of mold in drapes and household items after cleaning up the home.

Byron White Formulas and Byron White's Website

-Byron White does not use grain alcohol in his formulas. Grain alcohols are potentially problematic in many patients, as many with chronic illness are sensitive to grains, especially glutenous ones. Corn alcohol can also pose a problem because the majority of corn in our culture is genetically modified or treated with pesticides. Byron White Formulas are comprised of organic pesticide-free grape alcohol and anywhere from 7 to 17 herbs.

-Each formula is made by hand. Both industrial machines and heat sealing are entirely avoided in the production of the formulas to avoid petrochemicals and heat compromisation. Absolutely everything is done by hand.

-There are three components to each formula: a historic component, a scientific component, and a bioresonance component. When he fell ill, he used his background in herbology to explore which herbs were historically known to treat pathogens. With bioresonance testing, he found that when the herbs stood alone, none of them tested well against Lyme. This lead to his scientific research and the development of potent formulas that create much great physiological shifts with just a few drops.

-Your G.I. tract begins in your mouth, so the formulas begin working in the mouth and continue to work as they travel down your esophagus and into your intestines.

-They work in concert with your body, and work with various organs in your system. For example, one of the herbs used in some of the formulas is gao tang, which targets Lyme and co-infections but also increases serotonin uptake in the brain. This leads to manufacturing serotonin in the gut, a process that typically happens at night. This is beneficial for many Lyme patients, since many struggle with insomnia, making it difficult for the body to successfully maintain proper levels of serotonin and other crucial neurotransmitters.

-Many of the formulas also include cyst busters, which prevent the development (and aid in the eradication of) of the cyst form of the targeted pathogens.

-The formulas are extremely potent and powerful, and cannot be used without the guidance of a practitioner. Practitioners can email Byron White to inquire about training in the use of the formulas and also in bioresonance testing at

-Practitioners may also call and inquire about specific cases, and will most often receive a response that same day. Byron White also holds teleconferences with doctors in need of assistance.

-The Byron White Formulas website can be used by patients to find a practitioner near them who is trained in using Byron White Formulas:

Thank you Byron White, for your wisdom, compassion, research and dedication to the work that you do to help us achieve wellness. Thank you for treating us as individual people, rather than a disease. Your holistic view on healing is not only enlightening, but it holds a vast amount of promise and hope. I know that I can speak for many when I say that we look forward to the future of Byron White Formulas and your research, and the powerful effect that it will have on medicine and the treatment of chronic disease.