Monday, August 8, 2011

What To Eat When You "Can't Eat Anything" Part 2: Recipes, Tips and Tricks

By Candice, Spirochicks contributor 
Originally posted on Infectiously Optimistic 

For Part 1 of the article, which includes information on food allergies, leaky gut syndrome and rotation diets, click here

The following is the promised collection of 24 food allergy friendly and rotation diet compatible recipes, along with helpful tips and tricks to get you started! Please remember that this is a loose example of a rotation diet and is meant to inspire you to create your own, based on your personal sensitivities and needs. Don't be afraid to tailor recipes to suit you and your unique body.



Day One: 

Sketch Free Vegan Eating's Sweet Potato Vanilla Patty Cakes 

Day Two: Affair's of Living Coconut Carrot Mash with Bacon or Ground Beef and Collard Greens
Day Three: Teff Porridge  
Day Four: Diet Dessert n Dog's Grain Free Porridge (personally, I am allergic to walnuts so I used sunflower seeds, and did not include a fruit)

Day One: 

Affair's of Living's Shamrock Shake

Day Two: Fit Daffy's Coconut Apple Pudding
Day Three: Nourishing Meal's Pumpkin Puree and Elana's Pantry's Oven Roasted Broccoli inside of Sketch Free Vegan Eating's Brown Rice Tortillas 
Day Four: Gluten Free Cat's White Bean Dip with Gluten Free Day's Flat Bread (also works well with amaranth flour, for rotation purposes)

Day One: 

Nourishing Meal's Adzuki Bean and Yam Hash

Day Two: Affairs of Living's  Socca  with The Daily Dietribe's Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Acorn Squash
Day Three: Diet Dessert n Dog's Tuscan Bean and Chard Soup 
Day Four: Simply Sugar and Gluten Free's Black Bean, Quinoa and Butternut Squash Salad (I use Millet instead of Quinoa, and grapeseed oil as dressing. Sweet peas or roasted turnips are also a great replacement for squash.)

Day One: Blueberry Avocado Smoothie (I personally use raspberries. Mmm!)
Day Two: 

Elana's Pantry  Kale Chips and Carrot Fries with Sauerkraut 
Day Three: Affair's of Living's "Seaweed Crack"
Day Four: Affair's of Living's Flaxseed Crackers 

Day One: 

Day Two: Affair's of Living Cumin Kissed Kale with added Ground Turkey Thigh Meat
Day Four: Broiled Pork Chops with Broiled Zucchini and Asparagus 

Dessert or Late Night Snack:
Day One: 

Jicama dipped in Heather Eats Almond Butter's Pumpkin Seed Butter

Day Two: Granny Smith Apple and Almond Butter 
Day Three: Wild Rice Cake and Sunbutter
Day Four: Celery and Cucumber dipped in Tahini


1. Make sure you rotate your oils and fats. I personally feel that it is safe to repeat oils throughout the day, typically up to three times. I then do not consume that oil for 4 days. Example for fat rotation (for 4 day rotation, 6 meals per day): 
Day One: Pumpkin seeds or with 2 meals, Ghee with 3 meals, Almond butter with 1 meal
Day Two: Coconut Oil with 3 meals, Olive Oil with 3 meals
Day Three: Sesame Seed Butter or oil with 2 meals, Butter with 2 meals, Flax or Flaxseeds with 2 meals
Day Four: Sunflower Seed Butter or Oil with 2 meals, Grapeseed Oil with 2 meals, Avocado with 1 meal

2. Don't over-consume brown rice. It's easy to get stuck in the brown rice rut! There are plenty of other gluten free grains and starches. Example:
Day One: Brown Rice and Quinoa
Day Two: Amaranth and Teff 
Day Three: Millet and Wild Rice
Day Four: Buckwheat and Sweet Potato

3. Beans are your friend! Example: 
Day One: Lentils and Adzuki Beans
Day Two: Black Beans and Pinto Beans
Day Three: Kidney Beans and Garbanzo Beans
Day Four: Great Northern White Beans and Navy Beans

4. Don't be afraid to venture away from chicken. Examples: 
Day One: Lamb 
Day Two: Pork
Day Three: Beef
Day Four: Turkey

5. Don't forget to rotate your spices and flavorings; they count too!

6. In order to keep your blood sugar stable, don't eat carbohydrates and natural sugars without an adequate amount of fat. To stave off hypoglycemic episodes,  be sure to consume fat and a small ammount of protein with every meal. Fruit and starches on their own temporarily spike glucose levels and cause a blood sugar crash 2 to 3 hours later, whereas protein and fats aid in maintaining blood sugar levels throughout the day. So, be sure to add a little seed butter to your sour fruits, or a little oil or butter to your gluten free grains. 

6. Simple Rules of Food Combining (for more info, click here): 
-Never combine fruits and fructose with other foods, unless they classified as a "sour" fruit. Sweet fruits are high in sugar and are naturally metabolized quickly, but when eaten with other food groups that digest much slower, the sugar is allowed to sit in the digestive tract and putrefy, therefore contributing to unhealthy levels of yeast and harmful bacteria. Sour fruits, such as granny smith apples, raspberries, cranberries or lemons, are safer to combine with other foods due to their lower sugar content and composition. Granny Smith Apples or Raspberries with nut/seed butters or avocado are great combinations. Sweet fruits are best eaten in moderation due to their effects on blood sugar and yeast levels, but when consumed they may be combined with a small amount of coconut oil or other non-protein oils and fats in order to maintain stable glucose levels. They combine very poorly with starches and protein.

-Never combine a protein and a starch (this means no meat and potatoes, chicken and brown rice, or ground beef and gluten free pasta). Protein and starches require different enzymes in order to digest properly in the stomach and the digestive tract. For optimal digestion, eat them at separate meals. Each go perfectly with vegetables and fat. Instead of a beef patty on a gluten free bun, try wrapping your burger in lettuce. Instead of meat in your chili beans, opt to cook them vegetarian style and eat them over gluten free grains.

Diet rules, restrictions, and rotation can be overwhelming at first. Most of those who are prescribed such diets are already low on energy and stamina as well, which makes approaching such treatment appear to be a monumental feat. Yet once a week or two goes by and your diet becomes routine, you will find that it isn't as challenging as if first appeared. You'll also find that it's undoubtedly worth it. Stick with it, and allow your body the crucial chance to strengthen and heal. And, enjoy!


ChickiePea said...

Very interesting about the food combining and rotating! We follow a gluten-free, sugar-free, modified Feingold, yeast-free, very specific soy (only fermented in small amounts of Tamari sauce!), low-glycemic, high-protein, nutrient-dense diet with an emphasis on traditional cooking, organics, and as much local food as possible. Sounds more complicated than it is ;) once your get started.

Next up is learning more about what you are describing and starting to juice. Feel free to check out my blog: Chickiepea's Eating for Autoimmune Health. My family has Lyme and my daughters also have PANDAS.

Thanks for sharing!! I love the recipes and info :)

Anonymous said...

ChickiePea, your diet sounds just about as complicated as my own! I really commend you for spending the time and the energy that you do on maintaing a healthy and healing diet for your family. I truly hope that you are seeing amazing results and that your hard work is paying off. I have found that the more work and effort that I put into my diet, the more I am rewarded. Once I exercise a little patience and the improvements start to surface, the diet doesn't seem so tough to follow anymore. It all seems worth it. I hope that you and your family feel the same way.

I will be sure to check out your blog; I have a feeling it will become one of my "faves". I'm also excited to hear about your developments in your diet adventures, and your experimentation with juicing. So far, my favorite juice combo is carrots, celery, cucumber, parsley, and a bit of spinach. Mmm!

Happy eating,

Vanessa said...

I have found that a mostly raw food diet has helped me tremendously! I really believe if everyone switched to a 80% raw food diet they would feel so much better. A vegan raw food diet is when you eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds not heated over 115 it, really, it's changed my life and has made me feel much better. The other thing is accupuncture...i was getting it every week, and then two weeks, and now its once a month. I can feel a difference if i don't go...but you have to go to someone that is good, like a real oriental doctor. Siberian ginseng (herbal tincture) has helped give me stamina through the day...i even can exercise at night! try it!
-Vanessa from

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