Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If You Give a Lymie Some Laundry

Written by Lyme is Real, a SpiroChicks' contributor, in the style of Laura Numeroff's "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"

If you give a Lymie some laundry,
chances are when she goes downstairs,
she'll see a large bin with unused shoes which will remind her that
the elementary school is having a shoe drive for Souls4Soles.

As she looks through the bin, she'll see dress shoes,
but will forget if the drive is only for tennis shoes
so she will head upstairs to look for the memo,
forgetting to add a load of laundry.

She will see her phone,
which will remind her of a friend she wanted to call.
As she sifts through a kitchen drawer looking for an old phone directory
from when she was well enough to teach,
she'll find postage stamps of varying amounts, unsent greeting cards, paper clips, garden seeds, DVDs, business cards, menus, screwdrivers and other miscellaneous misfits.
She will decide to clean the drawer.
When she gets to the bottom of the drawer, she still hasn't found the number she was looking for
and her counter and table tops are now a mess.

Realizing it is lunchtime,
she begins to poach an egg.
Her daughter will ask for one.
When she is unsuccessful in her search for the baking dish,
her daughter will gently remind her to check the microwave,
where she will find the egg she made for yourself, but forgot to eat.

When she sits down to eat the egg, she will see the computer
which will remind her that she still would like to call her friend.
She will Google her friend's name and find her on Facebook.
but will be distracted by everyone's status updates.
Eventually she will remember to send a friend request.
Fortunately, her friend "friends" her and sends a phone number.
She calls and a they plan a time to meet.

Thinking this might be a fun blog entry, she sits to type at the table, among the piles of greeting cards, postage stamps and other miscellaneous misfits, and thinks to herself,
Tuesday at 10am. Now, if only she can remember to meet her friend on Tuesday
and what will she wear?


Marti said...

Sounds like me! I have to keep a list or nothing gets done. The problem though is actually keeping up with the list. It is probably in the microwave! Oh no, it can't be I don't have one.

Kim said...

SO TRUE! Love it.

Alix said...

You nailed it so darn well!! I always tell my kids to "stay on task" and what I really need to do is say it to myself. I read a great quote recently: "Run your day or it will run you." I really want to live by that... Lyme makes it so much more difficult.

Lyme is real said...

I'm happy to say a bin of shoes went out the door to my daughter's elementary school and the sun is shining. It's the small victories we celebrate! Blessings to all!