Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Wish

Lyme is tough on love. It wreaks havoc with our bodies, our emotions and sometimes our relationships. During marriage, we pledge our love in sickness and in health, but chronic illness, with all of it's stressors, challenges even the strongest of vows.

I am blessed with a patient spouse. One of his greatest gifts has been the gift to sleep when I need it, which is still much of the time. He doesn't worry when the house is a mess, which is most of the time, and appreciates that the energy I do have is shared with our children.

A friend once told me that before you can truly love another, you must first love yourself. Wise words. So on this Valentine's day, my wish for you is simple; to find the strength to love yourself, with all the imperfections of disease. The spirit inside that keeps you fighting is amazing! Celebrate it. You are stronger than your body. You have strength beyond words. Yes, Lyme brings pain, fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness, rage and anxiety, yet it also brings compassion, courage, patience and hope. Sending you a little Lyme love this Valentine's day!


Alix said...

Thanks so much, Lyme is Real! I think we all needed to hear that today. :-)

Lyme is real said...

Thanks, Alix! Happy Valentine's Day! : )

Kim said...

Thanks for this. While I am NOT grateful for Lyme, I've realized my husband's capacity to love me through this. And, though, I didn't actually get a valentines present (he was traveling internationally), he does quite often give me the huge gift of sleep.