Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Test, Baby, Test

By Ozone Amanda, Spirochicks Contributor.

The December 8th “Health” section Chicago Tribune article was not true journalism, but an opinion piece. It is a black spot on the Chicago Tribune’s journalistic integrity that it was not labeled as such.

As Paul Raeburn states in his Knight Science Journalism Tracker article, the Tribune article is “what happens when reporters make up their minds about a controversial story before beginning to write.” Raeburn goes on to say that if the Tribune reporters wanted to debate the existence of chronic lyme, that would have been an arguable point. Instead, they drafted a bit of anti-chronic lyme propaganda, complete with the vignette of a patient who believes lyme was manufactured in a government lab.

I say if the media or medical journals want to debate the existence of chronic lyme, bring it on. All of us who suffer know it exists, but scientific debate is the only way conditions and treatments become accepted. With insurance companies, medical authorities, and now, reporters persecuting chronic lyme patients and their doctors, demanding more peer-reviewed, scientific research into the chronic lyme “question” may be the only way to reverse the tide.

Maybe researchers can start by examining lyme testing. Opponents of chronic lyme believe testing proves sufferers do not have lyme, while proponents say testing is deeply flawed. Dr. Klinghardt, a prominent lyme doctor who developed one of the major lyme herbal protocols (and whom Callahan and Tsouderos seem to have ignored in their research), writes: “Bb tends to infect the B-lymphocytes and other components of the immune system that are responsible for creating the antibodies, which are then measured by an ELISA test or Western Blot test. Since antibody production is greatly compromised in infected individuals, it makes no sense to use these tests as the gold standard or benchmark for the presence of Bb (7). Why not fairly examine this claim?

We cannot let prejudiced reporters pre-empt real research by experimenting with words and quotes as a “journalistic” substitute for labs. Chronic lyme exists. We know it. If you don’t believe it, please go test that theory with something other than opinion.


Keith (themadchemist) said...

This is a question that stirs GREAT emotion in myself.

The Truth (and I hate to go there)

We live in a controlled society. We are in Orwell's 1984, and have been since way before 1984.
911 was an inside job. My physics prove this to me.

The media helped to cover this up. Have you seen the footage of the BBC reporter saying that WTC 7 had just went down. Meanwhile WTC 7 is visible in the window behind the reporter. WTC 7 fell 20 min later.

Read the Book by Michael C. Carroll [2005] Lab 257 - The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory

It's about Plum Island - the biolab off the coast of CT and located at the tip of long island. Be prepared to be sickened. It is the Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" of our age.

Lyme is fought on both sides, Media and Medical. They both deny the existence of the bacteria after the 30 days of doxycycline.

The new Dr I saw last friday believes that theory and has no trouble prescribing Opiates for pain.

Thankfully she is highly Open minded. I left her with my copy of Lida Mattman's CRC published text - Cell Wall Deficient Forms, which is not taught in med school. She had heard of L-form bacteria but hadn't studied it.

Education is the answer. First we must educate ourselves so that we know when we are being lied to.
As an analytical chemist, I have caught so many Dr's in lies it scares me. I NEVER let it slide. I guess that is why I've seen 45 MD's and had 2 throw me out. Only 2 1/2 of the 45 I trust.

So many issues.
Genetically modified foods
Clean air - chemtrails/pollution
and on....

All effecting us Lymies and Out of our control?
I say NOT! Civil Disobedience is the only way to institute change. We MUST become the informers.
The CDC admits to missing the correct number of cases by a factor of 10 fold, that means 1 million new cases every 5 years. We as suffers must spread the information that ALL autoimmune diseases are bacterial. Studies on Harvard brain tissue found Bb DNA in 70% of Alzheimers tissue.

ELISA and western blot are like flipping a coin. Even the CDC say that Lyme Must be diagnosed clinically.

BTW, every wonder why CDC is the center for disease control, not CURE?

Right makes Might
and we are on the side of truth.
it time to fight back with information.


Alix said...

Thanks so much for posting your great rebuttal to the trib! It's great to know that journalists like those at knight are calling out the trib on what a sham article that was. I love your conclusion about the need to test the theory with more than opinion! Yes!!

Alix said...

Keith, this is a scary world when we start to look under the veneer. Thanks for sharing some of what you know. -alix