Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Ozone Itch

Welcome to our newest SpiroChick, Ozone Amanda.

I am itchy all over. I feel waves of irritable, unstoppable heat—they shoot down my arms and make my toes flex with their intensity. Scratchy, maliciously tickly, prickly. But, I refuse to run my fingernails over my skin—like I so desperately want to—because I know it will only make it worse. I’d rather lie here, unsleeping, taunted by my red, bumpy skin, than get some momentary relief only to have the feeling get worse.

It is my second week of ozone sauna treatments and the “rash,” which I was told would result from dead bacteria, viruses and neutralized toxins trying to exit my body through the skin, seems much more menacing than I had imagined.

I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror now, smearing everything I can think of onto my skin—hydrocortisone cream, radiation burn cream, aloe, a magnetic clay paste. Nothing makes me feel any better. Finally, I run ice-cold water on my wrists to cool down and slump onto the toilet. It’s three am. “Is this really the best way to fight lyme?” I think.

But, then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror—a glimpse of my hair. The hair that people used to say made me look like a Pantene Pro-V commercial. The hair that lost its luster and began falling out in earnest around the six-month infection mark, though I didn’t know it then. It fell out until you could see my scalp in every direction, from every angle. And, when I went to have the remaining hairs cut, a hairdresser exclaimed: “Oh, honey! We need to talk!”

The hairdresser gave me scalp treatments and I switched to washing my hair only every few days. I also changed my diet and hair products. But, besides looking like a greasy bum, my hair growth changed very little and my self-esteem fell, along with my overall health.

When I found out years later, that I was infected with lyme disease, I learned that my hair loss was actually a symptom. I began treatment for lyme, but a series of therapies only made me feel worse. After an initial two weeks of having slightly more energy, months on antibiotics eventually wiped me out and left me with awful side effects, like detached and peeling thumbnails. I switched to an herbal protocol and, though there were no side effects, my energy waned and I was soon returned to the couch, with the infection re-surging inside of me. I looked into rife machines, but I was told only certain machines actually worked and I couldn’t figure out which would give me the best chance of success.

Finally, I tried ozone therapy. As I understand it, ozone (or, O3) acts as a kind of natural antibiotic/antiviral. O3 is an unstable compound and, once inside your body, it’s third oxygen molecule breaks off and kills bacteria and viruses, and also combines with the toxins lyme creates in the body, changing their form and neutralizing many of their harmful effects. Using Flood Your Body with Oxygen by Ed McCabe as my guide, I began to ozonate every day.

At the end of the first week, I suddenly realized my three and a half year headache was gone. Actually, until the pain left, I hadn’t even realized I had a headache. A constant level of pain felt so normal to me that I hadn’t remembered that my head could feel any other way.

Now, standing here in front of the mirror, looking at the baby hairs sprouting up all over my scalp, I notice that the bald spots—where I used to attempt a comb over—aren’t really bald anymore.

For me, searching for a lyme treatment that works has been a bit like a Goldilocks experiment, though not nearly as cute. And, undergoing treatment has been just as “fun.” But, I’ve learned to adjust the length and frequency of my current treatments to minimize the side effects, and when my head feels lighter and I look in the mirror, I know it’s worth it.

SpiroChicks does not endorse any treatment. We report them as a jumping-off point for anyone who wants to do more research. Always consult a health professional.


Anonymous said...

Could Amanda please go into more detail how she is treating daily with ozone exactly? It might help other people. Is she doing ozone IV's, drinking ozonated water, infusing or doing anything besides ozone saunas? Unless we have more details this post is just like a tease.

E. Ayn said...

yes, amanda, i am interested in exactly what form you are doing it in. i looked it up and it looks like you are using a sauna type thing. i know about the fir saunas but not o3 ones. any info you could give would help. i would like to speak to my doctor about this but would like to hear about your exact therapy. thanks, beth

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda and other sufferers,

In response to those who would like Amanda to expand on the O3 I can briefly tell you my set up.

I have a sauna tent very similiar to Amanda's except mine has a blue lining. These range in price anywhere between $100 to $300 or so. What is of more importance is the steamer. Make sure you don't get ripped off with a cheap one that will invariably fail. I bought the Beauty Home Sauna Machine with my tent. This seems to be of good quality and can be sold as part of a package with the tent.

Although I can't speak for Amanda I would guess that besides the saunas she is also drinking O3 water and possibly might be doing O3 insufflations (ear, vaginal, rectal).

I have been doing this now for about a month(water,sauna,ear insufflations) but as of yet I have no change in my health. This ozone rash that Amanda speaks of is very common and is most likely a form of detox. I have not had the rash myself. I wish I did have the rash as a way of confirming the efficacy of the treatment but so far nothing to report.

You will need an O3 generator and a source of pure oxygen(O2 tank,O2concentrator) for these treatments.
A good example of the setup can easily be found by searching "ozone sauna" within YouTube. There you will find a blond woman going through the setup process.

For IV Ozone I believe it best to seek out a medical practice that will administer them safely. You might also want to try IV vitamin C or IV H202 while you are at it.

Keith Smith (themadchemist) said...

Hello Amanda and All

I have personal not used O3 as the amount of Herx (bug die-off) I experience is all I want from the protocol I'm now using (

One point I would like to address with Amanda and everyone. Please DO NOT use hydrocortisone creams on your rashs. they are steriodal and are absorbed through the skin. Steroids make you feel better ONLY because they shut down your immune system.

Second, I cant not a speak to the subject of Rifing personally, but I started to build one 2 years ago and haven't finished it yet due to herxing for the protocol I'm on now. My research into the subject is extensive and from everything I've looked at, its viable and effective at killing nearly all bacterium.


Ozone Amanda said...
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Ozone Amanda said...
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Ozone Amanda said...

Hello, everyone.

Ozone Amanda, here. Thanks for reading my post!

To get more specific: I was first introduced to ozone with IV treatments by a trained health professional. Though I could feel the effects immediately (I would get crackling sounds in my ears and a short-lived cough), I think I was still too sick at that point for it to make a noticeable difference. Plus, I was only receiving this treatment once-twice weekly—which I think is just not enough to make a difference.

Then, I bought equipment for home ozonation from They are an amazing company and I can't speak highly enough of them. They explain which attachments do what, etc. Though they make no claims to being health professionals, I have spent long periods of time on the phone with them asking questions about their equipment and their personal experiences. They also sell a lot of refurbished machines, to try to keep their costs down, and there’s a helpful demo video that comes with the equipment, to show you how to set up the machine and attachments.

I also tried to engage in some light exercise daily and breathed pure oxygen (never ozone!) for a half hour afterward. (Ed McCabe's book speaks to the many things you can do with both oxygen and ozone, and is where I got my ideas.)

For the first months of treatment, I concentrated on the promolife attachments I bought. Then, I ordered a sauna (also from promolife). Now, I use that everyday. If the skin symptoms get too much for me, I switch back to the previous treatments for a day or two. The important thing, for me, seems to be not skipping a day--I use some sort of ozone treatment everyday.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them, but I would also buy McCabe's book because it is a great resource.

Healing Wishes,
Ozone Amanda

**SpiroChicks does not endorse any treatment. We report them as a jumping-off point for anyone who wants to do more research. Always consult a health professional.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your ozone experience with all of us... in such a literary way, too! You've opened my eyes to new possibilities! - Alix

Marti said...

What is the difference between ozone therapy and infared sauna therapy?

keith (themadchemist) said...

Hello Marti

To put it simply, O3 is a chemical treatment where as IR is an energy treatment.

HA, let me explain further.

O2 is the substance we breath. Most believe it just floats around in our blood but that is no where near correct. O2 is always held by a hemoglobin (RBC). If it frees itself oxidation occurs.

O3 is a triangular shaped molecule and is very stressed, it can only exist at High altitudes, hence the O3 layer. O3 can be drank by ozonating water or with the tent as Amanda shows in the pic. Each require an O3 generator. There are also O3 IV's. I have never heard of it being inhaled, and I'm sure that would not be safe, Commonsense tells me that.

Anyway O3 in some way acts to destroy Bb in a antibiotic way, to my understanding. I've thought through the chemistry and it doesn't make complete sense to me. I'm looking for some articles on the biochemical basis of O3's actions. In my mind O3 would break down into and O2 and a O with a -2 charge (O-2) This may be acting as an antioxidant or grabbing free H+ ions which acidify the body (2 H+ and 1 O-2 = water). Creation of a basic environment creates a very hostel environment for the Bb. There is so much to consider. One thing I know is that I have seen many testimonials where individually have seen remarkable improvement.
Dr's call this anecdotal, I call it truth.

IR is a form of light. we see only the visible spectrum, ROYGBIV (red, oran...) it goes from low energy to high as follows:
radio < radar < microwave < IR < visible < UV < Xrays < gamma rays.

IR is what we think of as heat. Think of the movie Predator or night vision goggles. They see IR.
IR because of its longer wavelength penetrates through the skin. IR sauna for this reason get the juices flowing. IR is especially good for the lymph system. Its actions are primarily beneficial as it helps the body detox. Taking a Warm bath is also an IR sauna and Epsom salts and Baking soda help replenish Mg and alkalize the body.

I hope this helps.

Just a side note Rife is using energy in the range below radio waves. the treatment for cancer is of the Gamma type. Higher energy is usually more destructive.
The exception is microwave, and this only occurs because MW has a wavelength in resonance with water. Try to MW something not wet, it wont work. The MW water effect is similar to Ella Fitgerald and the wine glass. Matched resonances cause vibration, and vibration is heat.

themadchemist (spirotech)

Nnc said...

Hi! Has anyone used an ozone sauna with a power port ( picc line in your chest). Is it a good idea and if so, has anyone come up with a creative way to protect and waterproof the picc line/ port site? Thx nnc

Anonymous said...

Hi NNC and others-

Just spoke with one of top lyme specialists in country who said ozone saunas can NOT be used by people with IV PICC lines or ports. Consult your own lyme specialist. Sorry & good luck!

Unknown said...

I concentrated on the promolife attachments I bought. Then, I ordered a sauna (also from promolife). Now, I use that everyday .

wrotek said...

I am sorry, R U saying that ozone sauna got rid of yours headaches ?

I have lyme since 10 yrs, headaches aswell

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, can you post what your exact treatment is with the ozone. I have the same setup as you from Promolife and would like to know what settings have been working for you?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Dr. Blümin said...

The so called "bulletproof coffee" has a great effect on your skin. It's high quality coffee (without toxins), grass-fed butter and MCT-oil mixed in a blender - so its about quality fats that help your brain and skin working better. It works for me, for more information google it/ Dave Asprey up.

SuperfoodGuy said...

Pretty cool stuff, isn't. Fortunately, I have never had Lyme - what a horrible thing to have.

I created a quick video on how I use my ozone tent and mix it with infrared lighting as well.

Hope this helps everybody interested in this topic.

All the best.

Miss M. said...

Hi Amanda!

I'm buying an ozone generator this week with attachment for insufflations. I know your original post was a ong time ago but I was hoping you could share any updates regarding your progress with Ozone and the types of Ozone treatment you did. I hope this post finds you in Health!!



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