Thursday, January 20, 2011

Would the movement to ban perfume, cologne, and candles in public places please commence!

Seriously! Three times in the last week I've had to leave my workout because someone showed up and started working out next to me .. wearing COLOGNE! Please! Do we need to wear cologne to the gym? I just got a text message from my sis, Kim, saying she's outside in the hall of her dermatologists office because they had candles in the waiting room.

I realize the ban isn't coming any time soon. Meanwhile the degree to which I react to chemicals is getting worse and worse. I no longer am able to sit in upholstered furniture. I'm guessing the scotch guard they spray on fabric has something awful in it. When someone walks in the room wearing cologne I have to leave. I can't wear jewelry, so I feel like the plainest Jane ever. And then candles, I just love burning candles. Yes I started making my own, but it would be nice to buy the pretty ones.

Anyway the point of this rant is to ask you all: how do you do it? Does anyone have any suggestions on how they live in our toxic chemical world. Honestly this bit is driving me crazy and I would just love it if we could all collaborate about how to live here.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Love and Gratitude

By Kim, SpiroChicks co-founder. Cross-posted to gratitude365.

I first heard about Masaru Emoto back in 2004 when his photographs of water crystals were featured in the documentary, What the Bleep Do We Know. What I remembered from the film was this: water spoken positive words to formed complete, beautiful crystals. Water spoken angry words to formed distorted crystals. The point was: our bodies are 70% water. What are our words doing to us?

I was impressed at the time, thought it interesting, but didn't dig deeper until a few weeks ago. When perusing one of my favorite bookstores, I came across Emoto's bestselling book, "The Hidden Messages in Water" and couldn't put it down. The photographs in the book are impressive in of themselves, but I found his theories on our health and emotions eerily fascinating.

Emoto believes the earth has 108 elements to correspond with Buddhism's 108 earthly desires. Measuring vibrations emitted by different people, he claims that negative vibrations correspond to the vibrations given off by the various elements. "For example, the vibrations created by irritation are equivalent to those of mercury, by anger to those of lead, and by sadness and sorrow to those of aluminum." He points out that science has already made a connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s (the lonely disease of old age) and we all know the effects of heavy metals on the body.

His answer to our health as individuals--and for our world--is love and gratitude. About photographs of water crystals he says, "The response of water to love and gratitude is nothing less than grandeur," noting that it's both of the words together that create the most beautiful crystals. He says that while the power of love cannot be denied, it needs to be balanced by gratitude. "We must begin by learning what it means to have enough."

My new year's resolution is simply this: to manifest more love and gratitude in my life. Exactly how I'm going to do that is yet to be seen, but I'm going to start by paying more attention to water. The water in my glass, the water in the tub, the water that makes up the bodies of my family and friends. I'll choose my words more carefully. Maybe even say a blessing before a meal, a drink, or a bath.

"When you have become the embodiment of gratitude, think about how pure the water that fills your body will be. When this happens, you yourself, will be a beautiful shining light." -Masaru Emoto

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year: Lyme Graffiti

Let's all recover in 2011. Here is graffiti I found on the stairway wall of my Lyme Doc's office. Encouraging!