Saturday, November 20, 2010

So grateful for my Lyme friends

by Kim Kooyers, SpiroChicks co-founder. Cross posted to gratitude365.

Last Friday night, I had the most amazing pre-Thanksgiving group-dinner (I can't stand the word potluck) with a few SpiroChicks and friends, to whom I am incredibly grateful just because of who they are: people like me--struggling with Lyme--that you don't have to explain anything to (especially your diet) and genuinly want to hear about the latest health gizmo.

We had a special guest, a practitioner in the Lyme community, join us. Over dinner, I was saying something about how when we're better, we'll be "Wholechicks" (Alix deserves the credit for coining that one). Our guest told us that we already were so powerful. We didn't have to wait until we were well to be "WholeChicks."

A flood of emotion came over me and I cried. I wish I could remember the exact words that touched me so deeply, so that I could repeat them to others struggling with chronic illness. Because in that moment, I felt truly "seen." Not as the parent who doesn’t volunteer much; the mom that is too tired to play baseball/soccer/football; the wife with the constant headache; the daughter who doesn't go to church; the sister who “has so many problems”; the flakey friend, the inconsistent blogger, the crazy patient, etc.

This person recognized the heroism just in keeping going in spite of it all (for me that's just getting the kids clothed, fed, and bathed). And saw me and the other amazing women around the table as creative, powerful forces benefiting the Lyme community and even impacting the future of medicine.

THAT will keep me going for a while. Someone thinks I have something to contribute, in spite of my other shortcomings. And that's where my focus needs to be. On what I CAN do. Not what I can't. That's a new lesson in gratitude for me.

I should add that Alix surprised us with "earthing kits" from the Earthing Institute, (you can watch videos about her earthing research here), and Ashley brought an organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan pie compliments of Cafe Gratitude. The night couldn't have been more perfect. And I'm so grateful. For all of it.

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