Thursday, November 18, 2010

Earthing: Overlooked "Electroceutical," A Give-Away(!), & Effects on Lyme

by Alix, SpiroChicks Co-founder

Last summer, SpiroChicks co-founder Kim Kooyers sent me a link to The Earthing Institute, an organization espousing the idea that we receive a basic and profound health benefit by being in contact with the ground. I thought it made sense. It's true that we've been insulated from the earth's energy since switching to rubber footwear in the 1960s.

If anyone had told me then that a couple months of earthing would diminish my 14-year-long headache, make me think clearer, increase my energy, and restore my sleep after 8 years of relentless insomnia, I would have been hugely skeptical. All these things have actually happened since I began earthing. Aside from going gluten-free in 1999, nothing else has boosted my health so dramatically and rapidly.

However, I'm a data pervert and compulsive researcher, so I know I'm just an anecdote and would never write a blog post based only on my personal experience. My readers know me better than that!

I learned about some of the research supporting earthing's health benefits when I and 999 other attendees at the David Wolfe Longevity Now Conference got earthed in a hotel basement via conductive wrist bands. That was the first day my 14-year headache - a symptom of long-term untreated Lyme Disease - felt a bit better. Probably a placebo effect, I thought. That night, I slept with the earthing band around my foot in the K1 acupuncture spot. I slept better than normal, especially for being in a hotel.

I've since learned that earthing may indeed be the "Most Important Health Discovery Ever" as suggested by the subtitle of Earthing, the ground-breaking book by Clint Ober and Stephen Sinatra MD. From reduced inflammation to pain reduction to better sleep to thyroid regulation to cortisol normalization to blood thinning, and more, earthing IS THAT POWERFUL. And, early studies back that up.

I was so excited with my personal experience and impressed enough with the early research on the health benefits that I made a two-part video to share everything I've learned about earthing so far.


Tonight I listened to the Natural News Talk Hour featuring Dr. Sinatra, and asked him why I and my other Lyme friends feel like we are herxing when we begin to earth. I personally had a different herx than I normally have at the beginning of a new herbal antibiotic protocol. Usually, my herx involves insomnia. Though I hadn't recently rotated my protocol, after a few days of earthing I wanted to sleep and sleep, which was an absolutely wonderful and welcome feeling.

In answer to my question about earthing causing a Lyme herx, Sinatra said he'd actually had Lyme and lived near Lyme, CT.  He thought that the frequencies from earthing might cause the entrenched cyst forms, such as those in the joints, to open and go into the bloodstream. (Possibly a Rife-like effect??) The blood thinning aspect of earthing allows treatments to reach deeper tissues. Finally, it's possible that increased blood oxygenation due to earthing has a detrimental effect on spirochetes. I would take all this as pure theory, until there is some research to show what mechanism is involved, but I like working hypotheses.

I hope you enjoy my two-part video series. It's already enjoying lots of action over at Natural News TV!

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Part 1 of 2

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Part 2 of 2

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Ashley said...

Love it Alix! I've been earthing every night for a week now with my band and trying to get to the beach everyday.

Alix said...

Awesome, Ashley. I've been following your earthing journal. too bad that doc appt procedure messed up your data. ;-) We are both suddenly in the 6:30am club! Really weird.

VictoriousVixen said...

I am fascinated with the Earthing concept! I am wondering if it will help the increased twitching that I am experiencing.

Keri said...

I tried out Ashley's band for a little while while visiting with her and for sure felt something. I'd be oh so happy if I won this giveaway as I'd really like to give earthing a try. Thanks for educating all of us and offering this giveaway!

Martin Zucker said...

Congratulations! An extremely articulate and passionate description of what is a profound healing and health discovery. Kindly leave me your contact information at I would like to follow up with you.
Marty Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

Kim said...

Got my grounding cord today and will do my first "earth sleep over." Can't wait to report.

Alix said...

I've always wondered why deer don't go crazy and have arthritis from being infested with Lyme disease. I'm now wondering if the fact that they are grounded is what protects them?

Do we know what happens to deer with Lyme??? Do they have negative health effects like humans or not???

Ashley said...

Good question about the deer.
Now for mine that came to me at 3am. Using the earthing/grounding devices removes the charge from me, I can see that from playing with the volt meter, but am I getting the same beneficial electron exchange that I would get from actually standing on the earth?

Unknown said...

Intuitively, the more natural the better, right?

Yes, supposedly it is the same, since copper wire is 100 times (is that right?) more conductive than the human body, but I don't think the studies have been done to prove that. Whatever happens with the wire, it is profound!

I asked Martin Zucker yesterday if he thought i should wear the band on my K1 and sleep on the earthing sheet and he said that seemed to be helpful if someone were recovering from an acute injury, to target the treatment in addition to the whole body coverage.

It IS interesting though that the recovery sack is recommended for "intense earthing." I guess there is a benefit to being surrounded by electrons.

Anonymous said...


Funny thing about "earthing". I used to garden a lot, and walk around outside barefoot as much as possible, even in winter.

Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge reminded me about a native named Hishi, who used to live near the California University near Twin peaks. He was "studied" by sociologists until the day he died. In his book he said, "How can you all know where you are when you wear shoes?" And that was before rubber!

Ashley said...

I think you mean Ishi not Hishi, I grew up near where he came from. My husband just finished reading the book.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, but I think it's important to consider just where we're going barefoot outside. I got bit by the tick when barefoot in Big Sur. And we know that infected sand fleas can be present on the way to and at the beach. Seems to me having some good tick repellent on will be necessary when going barefoot outside. - Robin

Unknown said...

Robin, good warning. I think earthing is a bit scary for people with Lyme. In fact, I think that is one reason I got so electron-deficient in the first place - never having bare feet recently due to Lyme but long-term because I don't like to go barefoot. Now I'm trying when it seems reasonable and safe. Indoor earthing is how I get the majority of mine.

Kim said...

Alix, thank you for opening my eyes to another possible aid! : )

Alix said...

My pleasure. Earthing is so "me" - in that I think we should try everything natural before doing chemicals, and this is FREE! I really hope it helps. By the way, The Earthing Institute told me they are interested in more Lyme success stories with Earthing, so when you've accumulated some experience with it (remembering we don't get full effects for 16 weeks!) and have any health changes that appear permanent or novel, write The Earthing Institute with your story.

Unknown said...

Hi Alix! I saw your video, listened to a great Earthing webcast, and bought the bands. I also have Lyme disease (believed to have been born with it, and I'm now 47). Because I have had this for so long (with various co-infections), I herx very easily. Should I start out with an hour a day? I'm already herxing on herbal antibiotics, and I don't want to overdue it. Especially since my CNS is a big problem for me, and I often get irregular heartbeats.

Alix said...

Hi Jill,

Great to hear from you. The earthing definitely aid the herbal antibiotics in my case. It is a good herx, though, in that it makes me fall asleep deeply and soundly and just feels SO healing. Some of my Lyme friends are reporting too strong a herx and are indeed working up to being fully grounded. I started with grounding overnight and now ground at night and while I"m at my computer or sitting on a couch. I try to eat meals barefoot outside when I can. This is what works for me, but others need to start with less. Clint Ober says to start by doing 30 minutes twice a day, then work up. There is no protocol for this yet... too new... so go at whatever pace feels right for you. Thanks for stopping by SpiroChicks. :-)

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness! So glad to see this. My 70 year old mother has had intermittent back pain for years and this year it's been intolerable at times. A coupe of months ago she planted a fall garden and commented how much better her back was. She attributed it to the warmth of the sun beaming on it. A few days later, she took a book outside and sat in the sun in hopes of getting relief. That time, no luck.

After reading your blog post, I suspect it was actually the hands-on with the soil that may have been the source of pain relief. Can't wait to tell her about it so she can test the theory. If it works, it would truly be life altering for her as she's sometimes in bed for days with it.

Thank you again for the post!

Alix said...

Victorious Vixen, you WON the earthing kit! Please email us at with your address so we can send it to you. :-)

Alix said...

Anonymous, I hope your mother can find even more relief with regular earthing. Inflammation reduction and pain reduction are just a couple of the scientifically proven benefits! Surely more earthing is a good thing to try in her case.

I'm about to switch to sleeping in a recovery sack which Clint Ober said is like crawling into a cave -- it will put you out, he said. I'm interested to see if I get even more benefits from that.

I'm wondering if that is the reason bears crawl into caves to hibernate... earthing all over?

Amy said...

I'm one of those super sensitive types who is having to go veeeeery slowly with Earthing. When I very first tried Earthing (knowingly, lol), standing on my lawn for 2 minutes caused me to feel horrible all the next day. I've now worked up to 19 minutes on the lawn without feeling too awful the next day.

Grounding inside via the ground part of the electrical socket is totally different for me. When I was tolerating 5 minutes on the lawn with no problem at all, 30 seconds with the wrist strap on plugged into the ground of the socket would cause a lot of joint pain all the next day. I'd love to understand why the difference.

Alix, let us know how the recovery sack goes. So interesting that Clint says it puts you out. Does make you wonder about bears hibernating in caves, doesn't it? I'm thinking bears may be smarter than people. ;-)

Alix said...

I may have overdone it this week. I went up on all my herbal antibiotics since I've been doing so well. I just wanted to move forward with recovery if I could do it faster. Ooops. I got the insomnia herx again since I still don't detox very well. I don't know if earthing helps with detox or not, but my doc team thinks my body can't keep up with the extra endotoxins from killing more bugs. I'm trying to bail myself out of this stage right now. I have so far graduated from foot strap to bed pad, and now to the recovery sack last night. I did not sleep well last night unfortunately. I have to back off the high doses of my herbs and see if I can get things back under control and get that good deep sleep back from eathing. I'm sure I can get there... just depends on how well I can detox my backed-up system. :-(

Amy said...

Thanks for the update, Alix. Sorry you got slammed. You know I get that. :-/ Hope you get back on track quickly. xoxox

deb said...

Make sure that your electrical system is truly grounded. I called my electrician who upgraded my system and he actually buried a rod in my yard which is necessary. Having a three hole outlet does not guarantee that the house is grounded. Some products come with rods that you must bury in the ground. I bought a mat that has an indicator light showing if the outlet is grounded and the mat is working properly.

Alix said...

Deb, yes, checking the outlet is critical, otherwise, you are doing nothing. Thanks for pointing that out! All the earthing kits from have outlet checkers that you can use to test before plugging in. I demonstrated how to use that, the connection tester, and a voltmeter in part 2 of my earthing videos at

Anonymous said...

Alix, I knew I could count on you, girl!

I found out about Earthing from Ann Louise Gittleman, read the Amazon reviews for the book, and read a little on the Earthing web site. Then thought "I wonder if Alix knows about this and what her research has found". Ha! Here you are with all the info! So great.

I'm gonna watch the videos now. Thanks for always being on the cutting edge and sharing with your readers. And please keep us posted on new developments as you continue to test the recovery sack.

Alix said...

Hey Carla,
So happy you stopped by and that you've learned about earthing, too. It is so powerful and yet, so basic. Please keep in touch about your experiences with it, Carla. Can't wait to get your report back on your experiences! Enjoy my videos. :-)

Alix said...

Update: I realized that as odd as it sounds, moving up to the earthing flat sheet from the band on the K1 point was not what my body was ready for. Then, when I got the earthing recovery sack in the mail and heard from Clint that it was like crawling into a cave and that it puts people OUT, I got really excited that it would put me out, too. BUT, that is perhaps not the case in Lyme, especially if we get insomnia herxes like I do.

If earthing is indeed helping the herbal antibiotics kill more bugs (higher 02 in the blood, blood thinning) or causing more bugs to emerge into kill-able forms due to the frequencies as Dr. Sinatra suggested, AND if the sack does somehow increase the effects of earthing, I think the sack could have done me in. So I switched back to the band on the K1 only. It was like stopping a freight train but my sleep began to normalize again as soon as I made the switch. Whew. I will move up more slowly now....

Carla B. said...

Ok, just finished watching your videos. Terrific job. You packed in a ton of information. Thank you for showing the products and explaining how they work. I live within a mile of Sutro Tower and have been wanting to find a way to mediate/shield the RF. This seems like a good solution. Your results with the voltimeter were interesting.

I live in SF. There aren't very many places other than the beach that I would feel comfortable walking around barefoot. I think I will buy a pair of all-leather moccasins! After I buy one of the earthing products, I'll let you know what I think. Thanks again for all this great information. I want to commend you for sharing it EARLY and not waiting until you had perfect empirical (personal) data.

Alix said...

Thanks, Carla! I've been checking all my shoes to see if they are all leather. My new Frye boots seemed to do the trick... then I discovered the synthetic liner. Bummer. David Wolfe was tossing out the first prototypes of earthing flip flops at the conference - basically regular flip flops with a piece of copper connecting the foot and earth.

Report back. I agree city outdoor earthing is... not attainable for more.

Susan said...

Hi Alix!
I found out about earthing from my regular emails from Dr. Anne Louise. I saw your post and watched your videos. I am particularly interested in earthing to see if it will help my stage 3 adrenal fatigue (AF). I have been bed-ridden for over a year. I have come pretty far since being under the care of Dr. Lam (he has a great website for adrenal fatigue sufferers), but still don't feel like my old self. I have heard -and read- earthing advocates claim that it can work wonders for the endocrine system, so I am going to give it a try. Because your adrenals orchestrate every other hormone in your body, when they aren't working at full function, nothing in your body is. I have ordered the bands, but until they come, I force myself to go outside for a few minutes and ground myself at least 2 times a day. I feel like I can already tell a difference in my sleep. It seems much deeper and this is a huge caveat in adrenal fatigue because sleep usually eludes you when you have AF. The frustrating thing is that every bit of research says sleep is a crucial step in recovery of Af, but you can't sleep! It's maddening to say the least. So, I will try this and see if I can heal my hormones by connecting myself to God's beautiful earth! I'll let you know what happens. This may end up being so helpful to the many, many folks -usually women- who suffer from AF. (And most don't even realize they have it). Thanks for the awesome info! And many blessings to you as you continue to recover from Lyme.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Alix, this is Bryan Rosner, owner of . Thanks for your work in this field. A question, do you have any financial connection with these products? I'm thinking of trying Earthing, looks very interesting. Thanks again, Bryan

Alix said...

Hi Bryan,
Thanks for stopping by to learn about earthing. No, I have no financial connection at all. Zilch. Please check back in and let us know your experience with earthing if you decide to try it. Best, Alix

wallace said...


wallace said...


Thanks for your role in publicising this important technology.

On lymenet we have an active thread on earthing

I have also got an Earthing herx! So am now building up slowly.

Take care

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for all the great information!
I tried to use the earthing products & have only run into problems, it seems. Not a herxing, but rather my lyme sx got ramped up immediately, especially EMF sensitivity whenever wearing them. It was unlike my usual symptoms however. My outlets are grounded. Anne Louise Gittleman responded that it was just a lot of charge getting cleared out.
HOWEVER, as a caution to others...I am beginning to think, from my research, that there MAY be "dirty electricity" going through my outlets from a cell tower about 1/3 mile away, or from the all-electric street I live on, or from other reasons. NOT a fun thing to be putting though my body! I am not sure how to get it solved or figure out for sure yet, but just in case others have this issue, I wanted to mention it. However I am the only one I have heard of with this, so I don't mean to dissuade anyone--I have heard of a lot of great results.
I would love to know if any of the experts who check in here would have ideas on if this could be so, and how to know, as well as how to remedy it.
Thanks again for being so informative!

wallace said...

Hi Alix

How are you doing?

I thought maybe I would try just earthing my feet?

Didnt your problems with earthing start when you changed from your foot wrap to a whole body sheet?

Maybe sensitive people should begin by earthing ones feet and very slowly add other parts of the body?

Mad or what do think!?

also see for book on feet strengthening etc


Alix said...

Wallace, it's becoming really clear that people with Lyme need to figure out how they will react to Earthing before going "whole hog." I did get a herx when I moved from the foot strap on K1 up to the recovery sack. I think it is important to work up to being grounded for as much of the day as humanly possible. When I asked Dr. Sinatra about Earthing & herxing, he said that the frequency is toxic to Lyme & might drive it out of its cyst form. I talked to David Wolfe about it on Sunday night and he said that for sure Earthing is why so many deer have Lyme but so few (if any) have symptoms. David feels the frequency from the Earth is toxic to spirochetes. He also mentioned deer antler supplement as an addition to the Buhner protocol. Be more deer-like is the message!

Unknown said...

Hi Alix....

Just found you today and promptly signed on. Thank_____(insert favorite deity) for people like you.

Been sick for over 5 years now and really needed some fresh perspectives today. I had heard of Earthing before but now will I will delve into it at a much deeper level.

I live in Lyme Central(NJ)so with over 2 feet of snow on the ground I won't be making any barefoot excursions for a while but I will check out the other Earthing options asap.

My Lyme is profoundly more in my brain. I do have aches and pains but they are a distant second to what's going on in my head. 24/7 fog stupor(I call it numb head or novocaine brain), blurred vision, floaters, eye pain, ear ringing, vertigo and all the lovely emotional stuff(anxiety,rage,crying jags,paranoid thoughts,etc)More and more of course. All this from one little bloodsucker....what a bargain!

Do you have the co-infections?(Bart,Babesia,Erlichia?)Just wondering because you haven't mentioned them in the vids I've seen. I think my Barts is the real culprit to all my suffering and symptoms.

Anyway I could go on but I just wanted to say hello, thank you and keep this stuff coming. It's no small thing to people like me who feel pretty isolated and unsupported.

Alix said...

@gadamo215 - thanks for your encouraging words. It's people like you who make my labor of love worth it. I hope you can find some relief and some support where you are. I was just with all the spirochicks last night and once you find a clan of people going through the same thing, the whole perspective changes. I hope you can find your clan in NJ. I do have some co-infections, of course.

Anonymous said...

Just a little tip for people using the wrist bands on K1. Put your socks on (I'm eathering both of my K1s) to create more sweat. Little "discovery" I made that works well - especially in this cold weather. ;)

Thanks for your video Alix and let us know us know how the Recovery Bag goes. I'm going to have to be pretty convinced to spend $300 on more earthing equipment.

I've been earthing for about a month now using wrist bands on K1s and I'm having fever/flu-like symptoms. I also have the half sheet, but earthing the K1s directly with the wrist bands have been the most effective - and it's cheaper! Sleeping has improved! I'm also having early signs that my ulnar nerve at elbow is healing better after surgery over nine years ago (unlar nerve transposition).

Good luck everyone :)


Alix said...

@Andrew, yes on the socks! I actually thread the wire from the K1 though a couple toes and back under the strap on top of my foot to keep it in place, then I usually put a sock on that to keep it in place even better. It sounds like you might be herxing from Earthing? so happy to hear your sleep is improving and your elbow might be healing. My yoga teacher was asking what I was doing lately since I have more hip flexibility. Maybe it's the Earthing? I'm still sleeping great - fall asleep quickly and sleep very deeply with lots of dreams. I just use the band on the K1 and for now, the recovery sack is folded on top of my pillow to help with neck pain. This is a quantum shift for my sleep habits!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alix,

Yeah, herxing for sure! If I'm not mistaken, it's only been about THREE weeks since I've started earthing. I probably stay earthed for about 20 hours a day. Both of my feet hooked up to K1 via wrist bands. Cool idea about threading the wire through your toes - I'll have to keep that in mind if the bands start moving on me.

Also feels like my "brain fog" has improved as well. :) I guess with better sleep, you would think something like that would get improve. I have another more serious nerve condition that I'm hoping the earthing improves. I'll keep y'all posted and let us know when you decide to hop in that recovery sack - I'm interested to see how well it works.

Good luck :)


wallace said...

As i dont have the wrist bands I am now using a sock to earth just one foot using a little of the sheet.

I am trying to Earth all the time.

I think I agree that starting with the wrist band on the K1 might be best.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I agree Wallace. And it's the cheapest way to "introduce" someone to earthing - that is unless you walk outside barefooted ;)

I wish I would have saved some money and NOT bought my half-sheet and just bought the two wrist bands. I think they are more effective then my half-sheet.

Maybe using the recovery sack and being "surrounded" by the electrons is the way to go... I don't know. But the two wrist bands hooked up to K1 are working just fine for now. :)

Good luck everyone


Unknown said...

Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up. I purchased a wrist band and 20 ft. coil about 2 weeks ago ( I have been using it while I sleep. A friend with Lyme wanted to see what the cord snapped into. When I first got the cord I noticed how difficult it was to snap onto the band. I didn't think anything about it because I never unsnapped it after. When my friend asked to see it I couldn't unsnap it. When I tried to pull it off with more strength the plastic covering came off and left the connector on the band. That connector is soldered onto to wire from the cord so now it is broken.

I called the company I bought it from to see if they would replace it at no cost due to a possible defect. I was planning on buying another set for my friend and wanted them to include a replacement cord for my band. I told the rep that I had no problem sending the broken cord back to them.

I was told that they would not send me a replacement unless I sent the damaged cord to them and it was inspected for defects. If it was deemed defective then, and only then would they send me a new one at no cost.

I told them that I was planning on buying another set for my friend (not to mention telling just about everybody I know, Lyme or not,about Earthing and their company)and that I didn't think it was a fair deal. Basically, the rep didn't care about my account of what happened. She didn't care that I was about to make another purchase either.

Now I know this cord is only $12.00 but this was about principle. Here I am telling her that I was planning on buying more product(including the sheets further down the road) and telling others about their business and here she was adamantly refusing to recognize that by not replacing my $12.00 cord she would be losing a lot of business.

To add insult to injury I was told that her manager was in a meeting but that he would return my call to discuss the matter. I agreed but never got the call. I will no longer do business with these people and find it repulsive that these people, who are supposedly all about helping others, appear to be very small minded indeed.

Just wanted to let you know who and what you are dealing with.

Martin Zucker said...

Kindly send me an email at so I can try to resolve the issue you had with the customer service people at
Do you know who you spoke to? There is no excuse for rudeness. Staff may be busy and stressed, but no excuse.
Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

alvin said...
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Olive said...

I'm glad that earthing worked for you. Interesting.