Friday, August 6, 2010

Tender loving care for Lymies

Thanks Ashley for your post on beauty care options for Lyme Beauties! One of the things I love about this blog is the ability to collaborate and share ideas and solutions. I thought I'd share a couple things as well. Since giving up personal hygiene products laden with chemicals over a year ago, I've been on a journey of non-stop experimenting. Here's my list of recently discovered chemical free favorites:

I use Pomegranate Seed Oil as a facial moisturizer. This stuff really is the bomb! I absolutely love it. I smooth it on my cheeks and over my eye lids. Yes it feels greasy but after five minutes it soaks in and my skin looks soft, vibrant, and full of moisture. The organic version from Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite. Yes it's expensive but really does the job. Recently I've been experimenting with a concoction of Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Lavender essential oil, and Carrot Seed Extract. It's really kind of cool. I encourage everyone to experiment with the things they love! When you put something on your face it is so close and personal; you need to love the way it feels and smells. The pomegranate seed oil has an interesting nutty smell, that's why I started adding a few essential oils.

Also for my face, I created my own face soap and I've been enjoying using naturally good soap with no chemicals on my face. It's a real treat. This is just one example of my personal needs driving my product development. Pomegranate and Rain handmade facial cleansing soaps are available on my online store. Check out spirochick co-founder, Kim's review of my face soap.

For deoderant I found this Crystal Ally spray deodorant from Simply Divine Botanicals. I am so enthusiastic about this product, it's the first chemical free deodorant I've found that actually works! They also have one designed to encourage lymphatic drainage. Very cool products! Thank you Simply Divine Botanicals!

Also, I'm with Ashley on the salt scrubs. These are so easy and somewhat inexpensive to make, totally chemical free and super luxurious on your skin. Here's the link to my blog post on DIY Salt Scrubs.

Last but not the least important, everyday, multiple times per day I use my handmade soaps in the shower, at the bathroom sink, at the kitchen sink. I use it on my body, my face, my hands, and sometimes even my hair. And though I don't test my products on animals, our loyal family member, Chip, our chocolate Labrador, deserves the good stuff too! He most recently bathed in Lemongrass Poppy Seed Handcrafted Soap. I strive to make each of my soap recipes as organic as possible. I do not use any synthetic fragrances. I've found that the synthetic component of fragrance is what I'm allergic too. And I don't use dye. I regularly create over 20 varieties of all natural handmade soaps because everybody's a little different and needs something different and of course I just love creating something different all the time. Lymies you might consider the TLC Bar, tender loving care for skin and spirit. It's lightly scented with lavender essential oil and the olive oil in this soap is infused with calendula, known for it's gentle healing properties. $1 from the sale of each bar of soap is being donated to Turn the Corner Foundation. It's now on sale through August 10th.

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Kim said...

I'm definitely checking out the deodorant. I'm still using the stuff with aluminum since nothing else keeps me dry.