Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Perfect Example

Lyme disease has a tendency to consume your life. Not only the sick person's life, but the lives of our loved ones as well. It is unavoidable.

This isn't all bad. Our lives are so consumed that it seems no matter who we talk to we eventually end up on the topic of Lyme disease. Which, if nothing else, helps to spread awareness.

Yesterday my car broke down and I had to get towed. Guess what? The tow truck driver had never heard of Lyme disease. He didn't know that we live in a high risk county. He didn't even think we had ticks here.

I made sure to tell him all about the tick I found in my hair this April after walking along the paved river trail.

He knew there were ticks about an hour south of us where it is significantly hotter all year long.

"Oh, you mean where the deer and the birds that carry the ticks go for the winter?"

He has decided he needs to do some research.

I'm not the only one who constantly finds myself talking about Lyme, my husband does too. It usually starts something like this, "so, what does your wife do?", and there he is talking about Lyme disease again.

Today he came home with a story that perfectly illustrates why everyone is at risk of contracting Lyme disease, no matter where they live or how outdoorsy they are.

My husband explained to a new co-worker about how his wife (me) doesn't work because she has Lyme disease.

These are the basics of the tick experience the co-worker shared with my husband-

A few years back he decided to check out property in Virginia (it is a lot cheaper there than it is here in California). He had some friends out there that he went to stay with.

They went out hunting and came back covered in ticks. Literally from the sounds of it. They brushed them off and removed them, then carried on with life.

A few days later, back in California, the man went to a office where he had some business to attend to. After he left the people in the office started finding little ticks all over the place.

The man was horrified. If he had left ticks all over the office, he must have left them all over the plane and airport as well!

He knew about Lyme disease. While he doesn't appear to have been infected, he knows the possibility exists that one of the ticks that hitched a ride on him may have carried Lyme. One of them could have bitten and infected the next person it came into contact with at the airport, in the plane or back here in California.


Kim said...

uh...that story is super freaky.

Alix said...

OMG, Kim used the word I would use ---- freaky! That guy is lucky not to have been infected. We never think of humans as tick vectors, but here we are. Thanks for this informative story!!

Nonerz said...

Yikes! That is a scary thought...I shared the "poppy seed" PSA with my mom & she had NO idea just how small those pesky ticks are!

robert7703 said...

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