Monday, May 17, 2010

Dramatic GI changes with Progurt

When my LLMD suggested I try Progurt, probiotics that would have to be shipped to me from Australia, I was a little skeptical. He said their probiotics are different than any other on the market and some of his patients had responded really well to it. But I still wondered "How is Progurt going to change the problems going on in my GI tract?" Anyway I read Progurt's entire website backward and forward and decided it was worth a shot. I really had little to lose (except the cost which was plenty) as I've become allergic to anything I eat on a regular basis and my list of okay foods has narrowed substantially in the past few months.

Since I have a milk allergy my doctor suggested that I put the progurt sachets in water and drink it instead of making it into a yogurt as recommended by the manufacturer. But having read Progurt's entire website I intuitively felt that I should follow their directions, I felt like if I was going to give this a try I wanted to try it their way. Their instructions were to use Ultra Pasteurized Whole Milk as a sterile base in which to incubate their probiotics. According to their website people with milk allergies can use progurt because the probiotics change the lactose in milk to lactase which is easier to digest. I sent them an email asking for any alternative to milk and they insisted there were no alternatives and that I would do fine on the milk based progurt. They gave me instructions to drink two sachets in water the first day, one the next, and then start consuming Progurt made from milk the next day.

Well I'm here to tell you that Progurt has changed my life. Since this isn't a medical blog I don't think you want the gory details of how I know it's changed my GI tract, but trust me it truly has. I've been totally amazed by the results. I haven't been digesting my food for many months and after just a few days I started noticing changes in my digestion, etc. I also started craving and eating more fresh fruit and fruit juices. I've had to cut all of these antioxidant rich foods out of my diet because they made me feel lousy. I am so so thrilled to be able to eat fruit again. The Progurt itself tastes fabulous. I feel like I'm eating dessert when I load it with seasonal fresh fruit and the granola I started making. In fact I'm sharing the granola recipe because I had to start making my own since I have a problem with nuts (a problem I hope to eliminate as my GI tract continues to heal).

Maple Granola
3 cups gluten-free rolled oats
1 cup dried unsweetened coconut chips
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp sea salt
3/4 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
1 cup pecans or walnuts (if desired)

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Mix together all ingredients and spread on baking sheet. Bake stirring every 10 minutes for 40 minutes.

This is not my recipe ... my sister got it out of some newspaper. If this is your recipe please take credit for it.

Susanne, Kim's sister, is our latest SpiroChick. She also blogs at Adventures of a Soap Artist.


Kim said...

Thanks for writing this up! I've been hearing so much about this Progurt, now I actually have the URL to check it out for myself. I'm gonna check with my LLMD to see if he thinks I should be on it. Not that I want to spend the money on one more supplement. But seriously, it sounds like the miracle cure.

Unknown said...

Susanne, thank you for posting this! I've been having super bad allergies lately and can tell my gut is not doing a good job of digesting most foods. My NAET guy told me I'm allergic to oil and salt... A few questions: 1) how long did it take you to notice changes in your digestion? 2) did you experience die-off effects? and what type (hungover feeling or visual difference in stooling)? 3) how long does a sachet typically last you? 3-4 days?

Thank you again for the post! Hope your gut continues to heal!

Kim said...

Thanks Susanne! This sounds very promising. My girls and I would all need it. Does that sound like we would use a sachet every couple days? Pricey, but worth it if it works.

Susanne Schlador said...

Thanks for the questions! Now let's see if I can answer them...

1) I noticed changes in my stool/digestion withing a few days.

2) I may have experience die-off effects because about 10 days out I totally hit the wall and was on the couch for several days. I contacted Progurt to ask if that was normal. Believe it or not someone called my back from Australia and gave me several tips but the one that made the most sense is that I was getting better quickly and I didn't have enough "sugar" in my system to fuel my body. By sugar he meant high quality fruits. I had been eating fruit in limited quantities for years because of the effect carbs had one me. I started consuming a ton more and that seemed to be what turned it around for me.

3) At first I consumed the equivalent of 1 sachet per day which is a ton of progurt! Then I dropped down to 2 sachets a day. And now I'm targeting to consume 1 sachet every 3 or 4 days. But truth be told, I love the way it tastes and the way it makes me feel so it will be hard to stretch it that far.

Lyme is real: Yes I've been wanting to get all the kids on Progurt, but I haven't yet. Perhaps when my consumption goes down. But yes a sachet every two days would be about what you might consume.

Good luck gals, hope it goes well for you! In fact, I'm sure it will!

Ashley said...

I've been thinking about Progurt for a long time too. I think you just convinced me to go for it. Although I will ask my doctor first.

Thanks for the write up!

Alix said...

Thanks for this great news, and CONGRATS to you!! What a great thing to be doing so much better digestively and to get to add another food!! I'm soooo envious!!

I'm wondering what the company would say about the Progurt digesting the casein in milk, which is the protein that actually causes IgE (classic allergic) and IgG (delayed symptoms) reactions? I'm curious if by allergy, you meant lactose intolerant? Could you not digest the milk sugar (lactose) for lack of the enzyme lactase? Or did you have an actual allergy? Your success would make the most sense if you were lactose intolerant.

Anyway, I am trying to split hairs here since I have an IgG reaction to the casein in milk (not the lactose) and am wondering if I too could add Progurt yogurt to my diet without getting arthritis, eczema, and digestive symptoms!? If the Progurt digests the lactose, AND also breaks down the casein I'd be thrilled!!!

Renee said...

I have been curious about this product and am not intrigued. I have a question ~ my LLMD says limited fruit as yeast is an issue with abx....Now you are eating more fruits? Are you on abx? Is the progurt making it possible for you to have this w/o increased yeast? I too have an allergy to dairy causing stomach pain and upset....This is exciting!!!! Looking forward to trying this myself..

Renee said...

Oops! In my typing I wrote I am not intrigued when I meant to write I am NOW intrigued...sigh....sorry about that...brain fog...and I think most of my questions were answered by your response to others which I did not see at first...good grief. Time for a nap!

Susanne Schlador said...

Renee: Your second post made me smile and probably anyone reading this blog; brain fog is so typical with what we are all experiencing. In answer to your question though, I think I may be having a touch of a yeast problem, and I haven't been on abx until just last week. I'm still not power loading on fruit because I'm so programmed not to, but for now the progurt has allowed this luxury back in larger amounts than before.

Alix I appreciate your questions. By allergy I do mean more than lactose intolerance but truth is I haven't had a food allergy test in the last twenty years. Every time I press a practitioner for one they talk me out of the expense because of inconclusive results. In any case, all my allergies have been diagnosed through the painstaking process of elimination diets. And yes I believe that I have had a true immune response to milk that I am not having to Progurt. However I still have that response to milk. The Progurt website claims that some people's milk allergies will resolve with Progurt. I would love to have that happen, but that isn't the case yet. Good luck to you!

Carla B. said...

Susanne, how's it going with the Progurt and your milk allergy?

Susanne Schlador said...

It's still going well! Yeah! I just commented the other day that I'm amazed that I'm able to eat most foods without any problems. I am VERY strict however on my avoidance of gluten. I don't EVER eat it (intentionally that is). I eat everything in moderation. So that is to say I'm not power loading on milk products. But I do drink cream in my coffee, ice cream occasionally, cheese as a garnish, etc. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Is this $440 for a starter pack and $120 for 5 sachets?? They cannot be serious.

Susanne Schlador said...

The starter pack includes 15 sachets. I figure my current consumption for maintaining my GI tract balance is about 1 sachet every 4 days. So this would be a 2 month supply. However, I went through it at least twice as fast at first. It is crazy expensive! And it costs $50 to ship it over here.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am considering trying out Progurt to help curb my IBS. I have a couple of questions: 1.) would you say that with time, you have been able to cut back on the amount of Progurt consumed or do you have to take the same amount to maintain benefits, and 2.) do you know anyone else who has tried Progurt for gastrointestinal distress (IBS, indigestion, gas, constipation, etc) with success?


Susanne Schlador said...

Yes I have been able to cut back and in truth I could probably go off it. But it works so well as a food that fuels my body it has become a staple that works for me. So I'm not really ready to give it up even though my GI problems seem to be resolved. I don't know anyone else who has tried it. The price tag seems like a huge barrier, it was for me, but I'm so thankful I took the plunge.

synchronistic said...

Thanks for sharing this knowledge. The information helped me out. I was wondering if you have any updates?


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about this new product but just would like to say that I feel Lyme disease is, as all diseases seem to be, an elitist condition. Many things recommended to me are beyond my means. I have insurance co-payed by my husband's employer but with a 5,00.00 $ deductible.
The Cowden Protocol was recommended by my Naturapath - 600 $ a month. I don't have the finances to put that much money into monthly supplements - let alone a batch of supplementslike the Cowden Protocol put out by Nutramedix a company owned by pharmaceutical companies who took Cat's Claw - tweaked it and patented it. But I'm going off on a tangent there.
Regarding the progurt : I used to make yogurt from yogurt and whole raw milk from a certified farm. I'm wondering why once you make cultured yogurt from the proyogurt starter, you couldn't continue making yogurt with milk and some of the proyogurt. Googled the process since I haven't done it in a while and here's a link. There are yogurt incubators you can buy which keep the milk yogurt mix at the proper temp to culture into yogurt - or you can do i tin a 110 degree oven (I prefer the plug in incubator in the Summer. Any way you look at it it ends up being very economical.All you need is 1/2 cup of yogurt and a half gallon of milk, whisk, candy thermometer and a crock pot with temperature settings or a yogurt incubator. Even 5 sachets could be bought by 5 people and theeach made could go on to make many quarts of yogurt. Probably refreshing the culture with a new sachet every 3 months or so would be good.

Anonymous said...

missed a 0 . I have a 5,000.00 deductible on my insurance. Spaghetti strainer brain sometimes...

monkey girl said...

Miss Z,
I don't know any person who can afford to pay out of pocket the high costs of Lyme treatment. Other chronic Lyme sufferers like me, make do. I can't afford some of the protocol, my doctor knows this and has me take what she believes are the absolute bare minimum nesscities. I don't take the protocol you're speaking of...but have been off and on many. As it stands I will never be "free" of Lyme. It's just too engrained in my body. So we do the best we can to treat the symptoms and boost my body the best it can be, as sick as it is.
I hardly think it's a sickness only for the rich, I know many who can't afford any treatment and are suffering terribly. Everyone does the best they can.

Anonymous said...


The website claims you can't make progurt using a sample from a previous batch because the bacteria contained is not replicating like in regular yogurt. Probably you can't mentain the 1 trillion CFUs per liter.
That's what they claim.

cameronadaft said...

Are you still using Progurt? I noticed that this thread started a few years ago. Has anyone found any alternatives to Progurt (probiotic yogurt cultures) that could be used in the Progurt Incubator that are more cost effective? Or is Progurt the best thing out there? It's hard to find information about them aside from their website. Thanks for your help!

Unknown said...

It helped me get off 20+ drugs and 20+ supplements! It took nearly 6 months on the Progurt after being misdiagnosed with SLE. At that point I was spending thousands on all sorts of medical people. I was in so much pain for 15 years that I was sleeping just 2 or 3 hours a day and many days not even able to lay on a bed for the pain. This was ten years ago. I now make up one sachet batch once a month (which last for a week) and that is NOT expensive. I went through a lot of pain getting off the meds initially. I now have had no pain 99.9% of the time for many years! It is incredible. It does NOT conflict with any other meds because it is natural HUMAN flora, what should be in our gut but has been eliminated by all the bad and gm food now in our lives.