Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Spring. Things are growing....including me

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I'm so excited to use my new spring masthead. Today, I'm even more struck by the quote, "I am grateful for whatever helps my spirit to grow," than I was the day I decided to use it last fall. I wonder if my leaning towards reflections like this is what brings difficult things into my life or is it because there are difficult things in my life that it resonates with me.

Considering our current economic and health care crises, I feel a little awkward talking about my life being difficult. People are struggling everywhere. With job loss, sickness, not being able to afford healthcare, rent, food, or even safe and proper care for their children.

I only have one of those things to worry about. Living with Lyme and raising two small children is incredibly hard--the hardest thing I have ever, ever done. (And I'm particularly wiggy this week because a friend from college posted on FB that her cousin lost her 10-year battle with Lyme, leaving two teenage kids behind.)

But, even so, I have much, much to be grateful for. My insurance is covering my IV medications. Which is huge. HUGE. And as D reminded me last night in my moment of doubt, I AM getting better. He told me not to look day-to-day, but over the course of the last year and half. And there's been major progress: My psoriasis is gone, my panic attacks and rage have lessoned, my brain function is improving, and I've had a few days in which I got a feel for what it's like to be normal.

And while it is hard to tend to active boys and all running a household requires when you have a daily fight with constant pain and fatigue, I'm DOING IT. Sure my house isn't even 5% as clean or organized as I'd like it to be. And I'm not camp counselor Kim cracking out craft, cooking, and sensory projects like some stay-at-home-moms, but...I'm managing. They get fed, they get bathed, they get loved.

And while I wish I could do so much more, I'm working on not beating myself up, letting go of perfectionism, and trying to respect my limits. I have no choice, really. And as I've said before, I can't and won't say I'm grateful for Lyme, but the opportunities it's given my spirit to grow are paramount.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gerson Therapy Works for Lyme Patients!

Charlotte Gerson, the 88 years young daughter of Max Gerson minces no words. Peppy and unequivocal, she delivered a startling talk at the Natural News Healing Miracles event last weekend. Afterward she met with attendees and jauntily demonstrated how she could still touch her toes with no problem.

I'd known about the Gerson Institute's natural cancer cure for years and was almost star-struck to meet a woman whose clinic can cure cancer in 30-40% of terminal cancer patients. That is, cancer patients whose bodies have been so ravaged by surgery and chemotherapy that medicine can no longer help them. Many can be brought back to life naturally, through their intensive juicing and detox program. The Gerson Institute's cure rates are even higher in those who have never had conventional cancer therapies, since the immune system is in much better shape.

Before the event, I became increasingly intrigued when I heard Mike Adams of Natural News interview Charlotte Gerson. She stated that the Gerson Therapy, pioneered by her father in the 1930s, was "even helping Lyme patients." Wow, even helping Lyme patients? Did she imply that Lyme was harder to cure than cancer? How much is it helping Lyme patients? How long does it take to get results? Is it the same therapy used in cancer? I was dying to ask her my questions.

After her rousing talk I had my chance to ask her some questions, but due to her popularity, I didn't get all of them answered. First off, she said that she is limited to the Gerson Therapy, but she "has helped people." I took this to mean that Gerson Therapy must be complemented by other therapies, presumably antibiotics, whether herbal or pharmaceutical. She turned the tables on my question-asking and told me Lyme patients have to be careful of fluoride's effects on the thyroid and that we should not be showering in fluoride nor drinking it. I asked if my reverse osmosis filter was doing the trick for our drinking water, and I got a loud, "NO!" When I said I didn't know that, she said, "Well, WHO would KNOW?" She is a character! Then, off she went with another attendee bursting with their own questions.

Gerson Therapy sounds like a treatment worth investigating by any Lyme patient. She said that in cancer, the two main problems are deficiency (vitamins and immune system) and toxicity. This is true in Lyme as well, but we have the added job of killing the bugs, too.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Paint May Lyme Green and Ribbons Across America

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. This year become a part of the campaigns designed to help end Lyme disease ignorance.

Paint May Lyme Green and Ribbons Across America are two campaigns that have been created to help spread Lyme disease Awareness across all of North America.

Ribbons Across America is a campaign started by, Sturbridge Lyme Awareness of Massachusetts - S.L.A.M. to help raise awareness and to serve as a tribute to those who have lost their battle to this disease. Participation in Ribbons Across America is so simple! Get some lime green ribbons and hang them (with permission) in your community.

Paint May Lyme Green is a campaign that was started this year, on the opposite side of North America in California, by Lymenaide.

Lymenaide has created a multimedia campaign to spread Lyme disease awareness and educate the public about Lyme.

Paint May Lyme Green expands upon Ribbons Across America by adding compontents such as:
  • A television Public Service Announcement being produced for Lyme disease.
  • A viral campaign using your stories
  • A visual campaign that in addition to ribbons includes, flyers, shirts, pins, banners signs and more to help you truly Paint May Lyme Green in your community.

To learn more about Ribbons Across America go to-

To learn more about Paint May Lyme Green, including how to submit your story, where to purchase awareness items and ribbon, and to download a PDF version of the entire campaign to share with your Lyme support groups, friends and family go to-

Please also consider making a donation to help cover the production costs of the Lyme Disease Public Service Announcement that is being produced. (follow link and scroll down page)

Give the Lyme community a voice by painting your town Lyme green and hanging ribbons across America this year. Together we can make a difference and end Lyme disease ignorance.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

If you're not a NASCAR fan, you are now

Okay, so I'm not wild about the actual design of this car, but a Lyme NASCAR would be huge PR for us Lymies (and would make me uber cool in the eyes of my 4.5 year-old). Vote today and for the next three days. Apparently the car is sponsored by After the Bite. Does anyone know this organization? I googled it, but could only come up with a website dedicated to the Twilight series. Somehow I don't think it's the same group. If only tick bites made us immortal.