Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dr. Olivia

In our family, fighting Lyme disease is a family affair. Our daughters, 7 and 12, were born with the disease. Last year, at various times, we all endured picc lines. My neurological symptoms flared last spring while our youngest was still receiving IV therapy. Upon hearing Mom needed a new picc line, she asked if she could watch, curious because her own line had been placed under anesthesia. Having endured countless medical procedures since birth, I knew she would be fine. The team agreed and after washing up and a sincere promise not to touch anything sterile, my daughter peaked over her mask, from the opposite side of my bed, fascinated by what she saw. When we returned home, she scurried to make a new sign for our room.

I knew I was in very good hands. : )


Alix said...

You and your daughter are so brave. That is really wonderful the rapport she has with her docs. What a great mom you are.

I hope you are all making good progress. Please let us know.

Ashley said...

What a brave little girl!
Let us all know when Dr. Olivia graduates from med school.

Lyme is real said...

I don't know what her specialty will be. She's had a chance to see quite a few and fortunately, she has been blessed with some pretty amazing doctors. The girls are doing great on their orals. My oldest crashed when she tried to come off this fall, but is regaining lost ground. I've been away from home since Nov, but we're hopeful this picc will be my last. I'm wrestling with both the Lyme and mastoiditis left over from the immunosuppressants, and some liver enzymes that need to come down. Throw in the co-infections and it's quite a soup my poor doctor is dealing with.

Casey said...

How sweet and how brave of her! I am sorry your family is having to deal with all of this.