Monday, November 16, 2009

Love to SpiroChicks

"M" gave me permission to share this email she sent me last week. It feels good to know that our writing here is not in vain.

Hi Kim,

Read your story on SpiroChicks and just wanted to say the whole blog the team of you girls has going is great, I feel for you and your story. I am about to start a blog (as soon as I appeal all my insurance denials and appeal my disability benefits which have been denied for two years and thrown me into $60K medical credit card debt). I am 32, live in San Francisco, but just "moved" home last week to stay with my parents in cold Michigan until I can get back on my own two feet on my own physically and financially. It feels permanent--I gave up my apartment and life in SF, but my stuff is in storage and I know I will be back, just not sure when.

I love what you all have done and oh, how it's pained me for two years to feel like an 80-year old lady and go through 15 docs like I am sure all of you have and been called crazy until I got my diagnosis of Lyme and all co-infections last summer. But as you say beautifully in your profile page, to be grateful for so much that we took for granted is one of the gifts of this disease. Well, SOME days I think that and others I curse and cry and throw things at the wall.

I was, well am a civil rights/nonprofit attorney, but of course that's been on hold for two years. I just thought I'd introduce myself--always nice to know others going through this crazy journey.

I'm on month 14 of treatment (eight months drugs, six months herbs in between) and feel I've just turned a corner the last two months. For the first time, I could walk 45 minutes (only once but I did it!), even go on dates, go to loud places, cook and clean and take care of myself and drive around and be SORT of functional sometimes. So it's been bittersweet having to come back to live with my parents and wear my pajamas all day and feel isolated again. That's why I am really looking forward to blogging soon. Anyways, just thought I'd send an email. Thanks for giving inspiration to others. 

Hoping this finds you well, or even OK.

"M" from San Francisco


Unknown said...

Go Mona-
SO glad we have met thru this journey....your amazing, inspirational, kind but most of all FUNNY as hell! Thank god thru the tears, we have had some great laughs too. xoxo Jen B

Anonymous said...

M, best of luck in appealing your insurance claims and disability. I can only hope there's a special rung in hell for those profiteering companies. Good luck! My parents live in Michigan too, so I hear you about the cold.