Friday, October 9, 2009

Vote for Jen -Lyme Disease Awarness

Jennifer Wilson is in the running for the Nature Made SAM-e “Good Mood Gig” Talent Search!

What is the “Good Mood Gig”?

It is a blogging job. Jen will be required to post five articles a week for six months. This job is a great chance for her to show off her good mood by writing a daily blog post about the things that make her happy.

What does this have to do with Lyme?

Jen has Lyme. She wants to use this position to help spread the word about Lyme disease. She also wants to inspire others whether they have Lyme or not to be positive!

Hey!!! I want to represent the Lyme Community and show the millions of users of Sam-E how a chronic lyme patient lives daily life but I have to get a lot of votes!!! I need your help!!! 

My name is Jen Wilson and I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease when I was 11 years old. I am 23 now and relapsed about a year and a half ago. But I have been struggling with Lyme my whole life as I was taken out of high school for 2 years and college was extremely difficult and I had to withdrawal.

I was the classic Lyme patient going to doctor to doctor being diagnosed with chronic fatigue and eventually MS. I finally found an LLMD about a year ago and have been on antibiotics ever since. I also have several co-infections as most chronic Lyme patients do. In February I lost my hearing in my right ear and no one knows if it will ever come back.

I have an opportunity to represent the Lyme community in a blog on the Natures Made website. They are looking for a daily blogger and I would love to blog everyday about living with Lyme. I want the world to see our daily struggles and have them try to understand what we all have to go through. The blog is also about optimism so I really think that I’ll be able to change many peoples opinions of us. Please go to the website all you do is have to click Vote For Me. You can vote once a day and we only have until October 30th to get as many votes as possible. Thank you!  -Jen


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