Friday, September 25, 2009

Hush Little Lymie

Every night is the same. I go to bed with my husband around 10:30 PM. I have all the intention in the world of falling fast asleep and slumbering peacefully until morning. Oh, that would be a dream come true, literally.

Instead the experience goes more like this. I crawl into bed and try desperately to ignore how cold my hands and feet are. I flop around like a fish trying to find a comfortable position. All the thoughts from my day are replaying in my head and I’m making plans for tomorrow. I silently, out of jealousy, curse my husband who is sound asleep. Oh great, now I have to pee. Once I am back in bed the whole process starts all over again.

At this point I generally give up. Who am I kidding? I don’t even feel tired, in fact I am more awake now than I was all afternoon!

So much for that dream of pleasant slumber. I hit the internet. This is something my doctor has specifically told me not to do. "No computer at least a hour before bed." I lied to him and said I wasn’t doing it anymore. I can’t help myself, maybe I need a 12 step program. tonight however, he may forgive me. Tonight I found some answers to my problem. OK, problems.

#1 Liver toxicity.
“If you tend to awaken at 2:00 AM or not fall asleep until that time, this is a sign your insomnia is related to the liver”
That is me! 100%, I don’t get tired until 2:00 AM.

#2 Adrenal insufficiencies, I just got tested for this one, the test aren’t in yet.
“When the adrenal glands cannot synthesize the proper amount of hormones due to illness and stress, insomnia results.”

#3 Thyroid imbalance. I just started taking something for my thyroid imbalance.
Thank you Connie Strasheim and Planet Thrive!

#4 I really should have seen this one coming.
“Be sure that you don’t do any stimulating activity after taking the melatonin, because if you do something (e.g., read or watch TV), then it will backfire and it will keep you up for hours.”Ken Singleton
Whoops, computer got me again. Guess I need to listen and not lie to my doctor.

So what am I going to do to thwart my insomnia? Listen to my doctor, no more computer before bed. Try to stick to a set sleep/wake cycle and take a warm shower before bed so that I’m not so cold.

Other helpful advice from the Smart Doc and the internet included; coffee enemas, green clay, caster oil packs, epsom salt baths, and chlorella for the liver. A protein snack like yoghurt or warm milk a 1/2 hour before bed is supposed to help the adrenal issues. Oh, and did I mention no more computer before bed?


Kim said...

Welcome Ashley!!! So...I have hard time with the computer before bed, too. And the reading. The reading is the worst for me. Especially if it's a novel. I get insomnia now and then, but it's not my main symptoms (mine is pain, pain, pain, and fatigue). Although when I do have insomnia, it only makes everything worse. Crazy worse. So I can't imagine having chronic insomnia--I'm so, so sorry!

Alix said...

Ashley, great to have you here! These are the best tips about Lyme insomnia I've ever read. This is so helpful. I already quoted you when talking to my husband about his TV watching in the bedroom. It makes my melatonin backfire on me! Scary. Explains a lot.

Love the bit about ignoring our docs when it's convenient. So hard to always walk that line that we know will keep us the healthiest. There are already so many limitations, aren't there?

Ashley said...

Yes, it's sad. I am sitting here again at 10:30 PM in front of the computer! But, I'm going to turn it off right now. I still have pills and powders to take so it's not like it's bed time just yet anyway.

Kim, I think I will take the insomnia over the pain. At least if I follow my own advice I will be able to sleep. I hope there is something so easy for your pain.

monkey girl said...

Great Post!!

Oh, how I relate. I've had my days and nights mixed up for a while now. Thank god I have an understanding husband...and children that are older.

My newest night symptom is all over central nervous system twitching. It's glorious!! Just when I'm about to fall asleep, my body jerks. This happens approx. once every 2 minutes, just enough to completely guarantee that I won't sleep a wink. Love it!!

I've been the walking dead for the last six months.