Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blame it on the Lyme: psychological symptoms of infection

Pamela Weintraub has done it again. She's got proof. A lot of it. Over on her Psychology Today blog, she's got a BIG list of articles that can link infection with personality changes. There's so many this Lyme-brain couldn't count them (believe me, I tried).

She quotes psychiatrist Robert Bransfield: "In working with a number of patients with Lyme/tick-borne diseases it is apparent to many clinicians these conditions can cause reduced frustration tolerance, irritability, depression, cognitive impairments and mood swings, but more significantly, in a few patients, suicidal and aggressive tendencies."

You mean it's not just my personality?


jane maynard said...

alix - I know I already commented on your post on svmoms...but just want to say, glad you guys have done this blog and are fighting the cause! will check back in for sure. :)

jane maynard said...

wait, you're not fighting the're fighting FOR the cause. ;)

Alix said...

Thanks Jane! So happy to have you among our early readers!!