Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adventures in Far Infrared Saunas Part 1

So my Lyme sista (who really does exist and when our photo goes up, you'll all realize she's not a figment of my "lymagination") and I connected through a status update I made on facebook about how I was looking at far infared saunas. I think we both knew it was inevitable minutes after her eerie comment, "Do we have the same thing?" that we would blog together about this trying time in our lives.

For the last couple days, sista has been sending me instant updates of her far infrared search--everything from Dr. Mercola's DIY out of cardboard box to the "bag lady" (AKA the Portable Infrared Hothouse) to mineral lamps. Meanwhile, I've been having a hard time getting over my obsession with the only outdoor unit on the market. The price seems reasonable (er, cheap). But then I stumbled upon some site telling me not to buy a far infrared sauna from China.

I just want a good sweat in a box. To be pain free. Lyme free. Spirochete free. Maybe a good old fashioned sweat lodge would do the trick?


SoccerNut said...

My wife and I took a trip to Europe a few years back and and a couple of the places we stayed had saunas and we loved it. We have wanted a sauna every since then. Keep us posted on what you find out!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at these and would be interested in getting your thoughts. i really think it would be great for my various Lyme symptoms.

Unknown said...

I'm liking your research on FIR saunas and am considering a Sunlight Solo. It's like the domed "Smarty" - where you can lie down under the dome - but has the Sunlight research behind it. Their research shows that sweat from a person who uses their saunas is 20% toxins, compared to 3% if you sweat elsewhere, according to my phone sales rep. He also sent me a test of how much core body temp rises in a Sunlight sauna - measured by anal thermometer (snicker, snicker) and for the poor sap who was the test subject, his/her nether-region got 3 degrees hotter.

The hard part is that I know the parts are really inexpensive, so it's tough to (mentally) justify the margins on all the "accoutrements" that surround the ceramic heaters in the high end product lines. I mean, really, you can build a far infrared sauna from two refrigerator boxes for less than $100. OK, we don't know if they are as good as the really nice FIR saunas, but how much more expensive could the really nice heaters be?